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We do many services for our community and the surrounding area.  The Cross Plains Lions Club considers ourselves as a community minded organization.  We will do anything to help the community.  Below are just a few of our many services we do each year.  We also make donations to Lions Camp, Badger Boy State, Badger Girl State, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Give a $250.00 scholarship to all members of our club, who have a graduating senior.   We donated $2500 to the new library, to be used for sight impaired educational materials. (The $2500 is to be paid over a 5 year period.)
Football Banquet 
Every year, after football season, we buy the meat, buns and serve the meal for the St Francis Football Banquet.  There are usually around 500 athletes, parents, and guest who attend.
Every year in October, usually the last Sunday of the month, we have our Oktoberfest. We serve an all German Dinner, with desert and a drink. We have raffels and a silent action. It has become one of our best fund raisers.
Wheel Chair Ramps
During the year, we build many wheel chair ramps.  This year was a record 12, don't forget these ramps we build, all have to be taken down sooner or later.
Eye and Vision Screening
We usually do the children eye screening twice a year.  We travel to all the area day care centers.  The device is an "autorefractor", some parents worry about pictures being taken of their children. Know it is a put on the computer and results are check to make sure all children have exceptional eye sight. Those who don't are referred to an Eye Doctor. We also do senior adult eye screenings!
Boy Scout Trailer
We make a donation to all the scouts in our area.  We chartered the cub scouts of Cross Plains.  We made a special donation of $2500, so the scouts could buy a trailer to haul their supplies when traveling or going on camping trips.
Trout Day
The first Saturday of may is the opening day of trout fishing.  We celebrate by having TROUT DAY.  We sell brats, hot dogs, pop etc. at 5 different stands in town.   We also organize garage sales.  We usually have between 60 and 100 garage sale in town.
Glacier Creek Lock In
Once a year around January or February, we have the Glacier Creek Middle School Lock In.  We keep the kids who sign up from 3:00 pm till 10:00 pm.  The kids are able to play games, watch movies and take part in tournaments.  The have a Basket Ball, Chess, and euchre tournaments.

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