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Officers - Membership
We are a community minded Lions Club.  Most of the big projects are to raise funds to help our community grow stronger and healthier

Officers/Board Members 2016 2018



Lion Mike Padrutt

1st Vice President

Lion Karen Barman

2nd Vice President

Lion Tom Janssen


Lions Lyle "Doc" Esser/Adam Crowson


Lions John Griffin/Jim Albertson

1 year Director

PDG Lion Rick Kock

1 year Director

Lion Lisa Laschinger

1 year Director

Lion Robert Nelson

2 year Director

Lion Richard Cashwell

2 year Director

Lion Adam Crowson

2 year Director

Lion Gary Wensing

Lion Tammer

Lion Goug Fowell

Tail Twister

Lion Lisa Davis

Membership Chairman

PID, PDG Lion Pete Cerniglia

Membership Co-Chairman

Lion Kent Schneider


 Cross Plains Lions membership as of 1-1-2017


Lion Pat Acker

Lion Bob Nelson

Lion Jim Albertson

Lion Mike Padrutt

Lion Catherine Barman

Lion Paul Parrinello

Lion Peter Benson

Lion Jeff Patchak

Lion Raymond Blanchard

Lion Joe  Polacek

Lion Kevin Boehnen

Lion Tom Pulvermacker

Lion Brian Bridges

Lion Neil Purtell

Lion Dan Cady

Lion Jim Quick

Lion Diego Camacho

Lion Dustin Reeson

Lion Richard (Dick) Cashwell

Lion Larry Rush

PDG Lion Pete Cerneglia

Lion Charlie Saeman

Lion Joanne Cerniglia

Lion Kent Schneider

Lion Adamc Crowson

Lion Bob Schroeder

Lion Jeff Davis

Lion Barb Schultze

Lion Lisa Davis

Lions Mark Schultze

Lion John Dickson

Lion Mike Schutz

Lion Dick Dresen

Lion Chris Thompson

Lion CharlotteE sser

Lion Joe Virnig

Lion Larry Esser

Lion Harold N. Weber

Lion Lyle (Doc) Esser

Lion Gary Wensing

Lion Doug Fowell

Lion Paul Yochum

Lion John Griffin

Lion Timon Zander

Larry R. Haack

Lion Karen Barman

Lion Dave Haack

Lion Rodney Faust

Lion Jeff Hankel

Lion Ron Faust

Lion Edna Hart

Lion Ron Goplin

Lion Tom Hart

Lion Mike Greaney

Lion Rob Hatch

Lion Bob Green

Lion Tom Janssen

Lion Ronald Kalscheur

Lion James Jenkins

Lion Dan Layton

Lion Joyce Koch

Lion Tim Mattix

PDG Lion Rick Koch

Lion Kent McDonald

Lion Jeff G Koenig

Lion Tom O'Connell

Lion Frank Kooistra

Lion Bill Saemen

Lion Gene Kostecki

Lion Dan Savage

Lion Lisa Laschinger

Lion Dale Thompson

Lion Tom Lauber

Lion Chester Tourdot

Lion Dave Maier

Lion Jim Tubbs

Lion Jay Moretti

Lion Fred Urben

Lion Tom Murphy


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